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The Solution: VIO Delivers

Unlike any platform that currently exists, VIO is not just an application to manage, it is an application to automate the processes, VIO has been developed on the premise that all parties related to an insurance portfolio can communicate in real-time and, where possible, via automatic systems. VIO brings broker management, policy lifecycle management, customer relationship management, invoicing, reporting, accounting, human resource management – all systems required for mid-to-large commercial insurance management – into one system. By design, the solution caters to different needs experienced by insureds, brokers, and insurers when transacting, and all on the same platform.


VIO provides clients with the ability to access their insurance services when, where and how they want. Just as they have become accustomed to banking online, VIO creates a place for the client to manage their insurance programs without cumbersome effort and rigorous processes. VIO delivers the capacity to be in control of one’s own insurance program and gives them a real-time view of their insurance portfolio.


VIO replicates manual broker workflows, automating tasks normally laden with multiple entries. The platform organizes information in a single-input fashion that reduces opportunities for errors and streamlines the production of usable data and documentation.

VIO automates any standard business process in a commercial insurance brokerage. Almost 90% of this functionality comes built into the product, which can be used out of the box. The VIO application architecture is easily able to incorporate any new product, service, document or process automation. Modifications are typically implemented in hours instead of weeks.

Brokers no longer focus on repetition by using the automatic document creation in VIO while doing the normal business of the day. The platform itself handles the organization and display of the renewal process.  Team members are automatically tasked through the lifecycle of the account. They are presented with an opportunity for intervention, increasing touch points with the client throughout the year. VIO delivers time-to-client and increases revenue for brokerages and insurance companies.


VIO creates the transitional shift that enables brokers and insurance companies to automate work flows that create opportunities for automatic collaboration with one another and streamline internal company activity.

In an age where Insurers are looking to maximize profits through digital channels and direct relationships, VIO delivers additional capacity to service markets that are not yet easily serviced through commoditized pricing strategies and broad-based coverage solutions.  VIO offers Insurers maximum capacity to strengthen relationships with the brokers dealing with mid-to-large commercial insurance clients.

Commercial Insurance Policy Lifecycle Management Features


This is where your business happens, any Prospect, Client, Carrier, Broker, Loss Adjuster, Mortgagee, Certificate Holder and Vendor would become an Account in VIO to which you can associate anything which is related to your business relationship like, applications, quotations, policies, claims, invoices, insured items, document etc. Just imagine a virtual place where you can see all your transactions with everyone who is related to your business at one place. Just imagine how well you can cross-sell when you know the relationship web of your connections.


All the people who work with all the Accounts with whom you have a relationship with would become Contacts in VIO. Now you have the complete picture of who works for whom and who reports to whom, to reach to the right person when your business needs. Also, all your employees can see all the company contacts in one place. This is the same place from where you can call or email all your contacts without changing platform and recording and sharing whatever you want with your peers.


All the kind of work you do for your business to happen including Phone Calls, Emails, Meetings, Events, Video Calls, Makings Quotations, Cover Notes, Applications, Policies, Endorsements, Premium Comparisons, Underwriting Presentations, Insurance Summaries, Claims Summaries, Statement of Values, Certificates, Pink Cards, Greetings Cards or any other task you perform becomes an Activity in VIO, and it gets recorded for you to review it and know how much time you spend on what activity and for which account.


Manage all your renewals, expanded and new business at one place while allocating tasks to various colleagues working on different stages of that renewal or new hunt. Track the stages of renewal with timeline such that you are proactive in troubleshooting rather than being reactive to save your business due to delay in service. Find the weak link in the process and put more resources where required.


Adopt a professional approach to client servicing by starting a case for every client request, allocating it automatically to the concerned office colleague and tracking the resolution of the request. Never miss or delay any request by the client while having a record of what you did for the client for the whole year, to know the total cost of servicing the client.


Have a real-time view of everything you want to know about your organization in form of Graphs and Charts. Know the Contribution, Activity, Status, Premium, Portfolio, Policy Types, Distribution Channel, Claims and everything related to your business as and when it happens. Drill down on the graphs and charts to see the detailed reports.


Manage the Lifecycle of any Insurance policy from Application to Quotations to Policy to Application… while generating all the documents which are required in different stages of policy lifecycle in a click. Automatically generate Insurance Audit Report, Underwriting Presentation, Premium Comparision, Cover Notes, Insurance Summary, Certificates, Pink Cards, Policies, Renewal Notices, Claims Report. These are the preconfigured documents in the application, with the capability to configure any other Documents as per your business requirement.


Manage all the claims while associating the claim with policy, account, insurance company, broker, insured person, coverage amount. Get intelligent reports to calculate the loss ratio of any insurance carrier, account or a broker.