Why we exist

Why We Do What We Do

The Philosophy behind VIO

There is a very large group of people in the world which is in a race to change the world, to satisfy the self-belief of being intelligent. This group wants humans to be happier, and the belief is that elimination of sadness will be happiness. Thus, everyone is eliminating the uninteresting and boring tasks from their work and using technology to eliminate it.

When Elon Musk changes the way of transportation and energy conversion, Google’s Machine start doing intelligent tasks and all the other innovative industries in the world keep doing what they do, insurance business would surely not be done in the same way.

We also want to decrease the boring tasks from Insurance Business like going to the office, manual document creation, printing on paper, entering data by keyboard, searching and remembering things etc.. Let’s say that the goal of eliminating boring tasks from life is climbing Mount Everest. We know only one direction to climb the Everest – Insurance, in that direction too there is a lot of rush. But a particular lane is relatively vacant – ‘Commercial Insurance’. Thus, we have decided to take that lane, we also have the skills to overcome the hurdles on this lane. We will try to be one the top within the climbers of Insurance Lane.

Thus, we are creating Insurance Ecosystem on Cloud.

The People behind VIO

Our team is one specifically learned in commercial insurance and technology experiences. When Sean Morrow, a startup, and technology player, joined RiskTech to work with his father, Doug, it was driven by the opportunity for the two to explore the different ways that the traditional brokerage business could evolve. The team quickly grew to include a hands-on commercial broker and a technology expert, Mohit Halkare, as well as a user evangelist, Angie Morrow.


Observing from within the brokerage environment, Doug challenged the team to consider the number of repetitive, redundant and mundane tasks that his teams performed daily. He challenged us to standardize processes to prevent the erroneous. Business systems are tired and antiquated today, he dared. Customers cannot really take care of things for themselves. Brokers feign a lack of time and incapacity to deliver better service. And Insurance Companies are not truly connected to their Broker Partners nor the Insureds.


Simultaneously, so many say that the “Netflix Generation” wants access to service when, where and how they want. While insurance industry innovation develops at increasing intervals, most are specifically geared towards personal lines or small commercial. With changes afoot, how do brokers deliver consistent, adaptable service to customers demanding more?


Then in one meeting with a commercial account team, it all became clear; a broker said:


“The most important thing I do in my day is spending time with clients and prospects and yet I do this the least amount of time in my day.”


The VIO team set out to respond to this one statement so often shared by brokers since then.


The VIO Advantage

VIO delivers a platform to manage a policy’s lifecycle from application to renewal and throughout ongoing customer relations. Starting with the creation of an insurance application, a broker automatically generates an underwriting presentation that is systematically distributed to the insurance carriers or to joint broker-insurer new business prospect lists.  Quotations from various carriers are automatically converted to a detailed a premium comparison document which is shared with the client.  When the client selects a quote, it is accepted in the system and binding instructions are sent to the selected carrier for confirmation.  The confirmation from the carrier automatically generates a policy in VIO and from this, the broker can, with a click of a button, create and distribute insurance summaries, cover notes, certificates and pink cards.


Focusing on transparency and accountability, VIO automatically generates dashboard reports for all parties and stewardship reports for every account at each renewal.  An emphasis is placed on automatically documenting the work performed by any person or team in its minutia, including time spent on the account, activities performed, insurance details, cost savings, claims support, and more.


Our Mission & Vision

With commercial Insurance being niche, complex and high risk, it is difficult for people outside the industry to imagine and innovate. We commit to working from the inside out, reinventing and redesigning to keep the commercial insurance industry evolving. It is our cause to champion. It is our war to wage.